Ketaki Apte, Pune

Dr. Neela Desai was my first and only choice for both my babies. Dr. Desai’s experience, concern for patients and knowledge assured me that I was in the best hands. Her modern approach towards a healthy pregnancy and delivery made sure I had a fast recovery. Prenatal and postnatal exercises thought by Dr. Desai are still useful to me!


Pankaja Kumari, Pune

Dr. Neela Desai delivered my son who is now almost two years old.

When I was pregnant we had to look around for gynecologists who we were comfortable with; we were very glad when we found Dr. Desai. We found her approachable, patient and above all a caring doctor. She is very knowledgeable, and she guided me through a difficult pregnancy with ease. She was always available not only during an emergency, but also to answer questions that we had at various times during my pregnancy. Her prenatal care (like her exercise program) ensured a smooth and easy natural delivery. After delivery, I developed feeding problems. Dr. Desai always gave us good advice; she tried several different approaches to help me cope with the problem naturally. However, the problem unfortunately ultimately needed a surgery. Dr. Desai did the surgery immediately when things  became serious. She gave me excellent post-operative care and I recovered well.

My husband and I feel very blessed to have a happy, healthy son, and we are deeply thankful to Dr. Desai.


Aparna, Pune:

I want to share our feelings and want to express our gratitude on behalf of the medical treatment rendered during the delivery period of my daughters in the year 2006 and 2010. The delivery of my elder daughter was a miracle. Things were so complicated at that time but Dr. Desai saved both me and my baby. It is only possible because of two things — God’s grace and timely decisions of Dr. Desai.

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